Still winter? Still working away! 

The plus side to the snow was how pretty it was when the sun came out.

Prior to the weekend, when it snowed, we had one plus 10 day so I did manage to get Continue reading

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Spring Push

The geese and the owls are serenading us at night. The crocuses have popped up their pretty heads to delight our eyes during daylight walks. All of this signals that spring is here and it’s time to push hard. Continue reading

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Dream Big 

One of the up side to confined space vehicle travel is surf time. This pastime keeps me from being too antsy about sitting still and allows me to dream.

Today, on our way home from Continue reading

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One Step At A Time 

It’s not often that I lather, rinse and repeat as per the shampoo directions but it was necessary recently. I was sufficiently dusty enough that I actually washed my hair 3 times.

I was tackling the next project in line towards completion of the Continue reading

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Getting Close! 

Perhaps we can both sense that the end of this big project is near. We are both staying focused and pushing forward. There is, of course, never quite enough time for all the detail work but we carve out hours here and there.  Continue reading

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Bundle of Joy with Back Pain

I inadvertently posted the house blog on the  other blog and tried some new technology to switch it over. It has worked; sort of but not exactly how I envisioned it would. Now I am struggling trying to carry the link over from the other site but perhaps I have it now. I am not sure if the photos will have come with it or not. I sure hope so. Click on the link below:

Bundle of Joy Part 3

Shortly after I posted that this afternoon we started on yet another phase of the downstairs projects so stay tuned for more quick updates.

Thanks to all the visitors today from a Meanwhile In Saskatchewan post on Facebook. It’s nice to have so many folks check out what we did with out 1918 Eaton’s Eager and the journey it has taken us on.


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Just as envisioned!

Every once in a while things turn out exactly like you envision. It doesn’t happen often so it is worth celebrating. We are extremely pleased with how the  Continue reading

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