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The Larger View

  I am having trouble posting photos on this blog so for every photo I put in I must take one or two off. This has become a record for us of our project and I don’t want to “dismantle” … Continue reading

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Rock Wall Rocks

Well as usual the title seems to elude me but I have the post content in my head. The rock wall does rock!! Not literally — I’m pretty sure it will still be solid in 200 years. It is a … Continue reading

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Shopping for Stone or Real Life Gym

It’s not often that I have two titles — in fact sometimes I can’t even think of one title. I can’t decide which one to use so as I add content I am just going to l

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Two Easy Projects

It’s not often that we start and finish something in a weekend but we have done that for a couple of weekends now so I thought it was worthy of a blog post. It feels great to do something simple … Continue reading

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April Progress

Ron has been busy — one tile at time — and has made some

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Where’s Bernie and Ron (sort of like where’s Waldo?)

OK — it’s a working title. I might change it. I just know that people have been asking why there hasn’t been a blog post in a really long time. Like a really really long time. It’s never my intention … Continue reading

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Summer of 2013 Pictures

Hi, I’m just working on a “random” post with pictures and a bit of text. I’m trying to work through some of the learning curve issues but I don’t have any new house project pictures to put up so decided … Continue reading

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A Walk in the Trees

This post is driving me totally crazy!

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Right Time Right Place

Taylor, via his work place, was able to secure trees at a farm yard. This was the

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Self Congratulatory Pause

This is the big drum roll – the ta dah moment — the pat on the back — the self congratulatory pause at having reached this momentous occasion — the “we’ve come a long way baby” moment. May I present: … Continue reading

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