Fortunately fall work was done as we have been walloped by a couple of early snowfalls. We suspect the snow will stick around as the temperatures, while fluctuating wildly, aren’t likely to go above 0 for a few months. Which is fine. We are always ready for some winter project time when it rolls around. Although up first was clearing snow. Then clearing snow again and then clearing snow again. Seems to be a theme developing here. Real life gym time! We currently have more snow than we would have by late February which is good as the last few years have been dry ones.

We have started putzsing on some projects but really nothing all that exciting yet. Ron built himself a case for the socket set as the original one had disintegrated. That took a couple of weekends and will now last the test of time although stink it’s heavy! I spray painted 5 tin ceiling panels before the weather turned and now we are going to design (and weather dependent) build “cubes” for them. They will become outside end tables for various locations. The tiles were what I had purchased with a retirement gift from a special work friend.

Mostly it just seems like we are cruising through the weekends without an actual game plan; fairly normal for early winter but it’s probably time to start planning what Santa and Mrs. Claus shall do this year.

I’ve been working through some WordPress issues with photos. So this is an unusal post (as in no real project focus) as I want to ensure that I can upload photos into this site before the Happiness Engineer gets back to me.


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1 Response to Snowmaggedon

  1. kagould17 says:

    You do have a good whack of snow there, for sure. I am pretty sure we have a record amount here for this early in the year. Hopefully not foretelling of more big dumps, although they might make it easier for some to stay at home. Trying to get in the Christmas spirit here as well with cards and gifts. Thanks for sharing and good luck with the Happiness Engineer. Allan


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