Look at That!

In the “old days” of the restoration of the house and blogging I tried for a Sunday night post so that I had a record of what we had accomplished that week.

Today’s Sunday post feels as significant as those posts did. Two milestones completed in one day seems blog worthy. It was touch and go for a while as the weather, which was perfect but wildly windy all summer, gave us a run for our money today.

So much wind. It’s hard to stand at the very top of the ladder with paint paraphernalia and feel secure in gale force winds. It doesn’t seem like a big job and time wise it wasn’t but it seemed to take a long time.

I’d tried to complete it at least twice before but seriously the wind made it just to difficult. Today I refused to be “swayed” by it and just climbed the ladder and got to work. And there it is below. BOOM. Done. Ticked off the list.

The other BIG accomplishment today was the first rock wall to be started (and then left till we could tie into it with the second rock wall and the stairs) is done.

It hasn’t actually been a long haul surprisingly enough. We started it after August long and it’s complete just after September long. Again the weather held us up a couple of times as it was too hot. Then we had a rain delay and the shorter days were also a factor as the finishing work takes longer than mixing and setting the rock in place. We ended up hitting up two unused rock piles for the last few loads as we were seeking large flats for the top.

And today we mixed the last batch of mortar and laid the final stones in place. The very final stone didn’t want to fit but we eventually found just the right one.

BOOM. Ticked off the list. Combined with the stairs it just gives it such a stately look. It looks so good in the golden hour light.

Oh there is still lots of projects to do but man this feels good. The exterior of all the buildings are almost all done and all the structural rock walls are complete. It’s been a LONG haul but as Ron said the other day we live a project lifestyle. We are rarely without something major on the go. It does indeed keep us on our toes, fit and “out of trouble” so to speak.

We are hoping that after tomorrow’s Alberta Clipper rolls through we can get on track to get a couple more big ticket items do.

In keeping with the regular house blog I shall close with a photo that highlights our rural life. As an aside I started a daily photo blog (found here at 3six5Snap) so that I could indulge my artistic side.


I guess I need to be more careful of names — Double Boom ended up with 49 spam comments. Rather weird hey? A few days later — 95 more comments hence the name change as of October 21,2020.

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2 Responses to Look at That!

  1. kagould17 says:

    Amazing how a completed project brings satisfaction and then the feeling of what next. Well done. Allan


    • bernieLynne says:

      Thanks Allan for popping over to read here and leaving a comment. It’s rare for comments on this site! I have more posts than comments that’s for sure.
      Yes that feeling of satisfaction was pretty darn big as the rock walls have been an ongoing steady summer activity for almost a decade! Oh we already know what is up next – weather permitting.

      Liked by 1 person

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