The Last One

We’ve taken the first steps towards the final rock wall that is required. I’m excited to start because it means in a short while we will be finished. Plus masonry beats shingling and I needed a break from that activity.

In the week since I wrote the opening paragraph lots has happened. The most surprising is that it turns out that I’ve kind of missed the masonry work and find it enjoyable. Who would have ever guessed that?

The other is that in the space of 11 days we’ve done a significant amount of work at, on average, two pours a day of mortar.

Holes drilled & rebar installed. Rocks delivered to site

It feels good to be doing a “team” project although he does pull more weight as he does the finishing work on the mortar. Selecting and securing the rock in place is relatively quick but the finishing aspect is fairly slow. Each rock needs to be cleaned off and the edges of the mortar smoothed. It’s an aspect I’m happy to leave to the perfectionist. I just plunk those back rocks and inside fill ones in.

Shows the colour choices!

The stairs above show the rock detail nicely. it doesn’t talk about the pain in the behind. Getting the level built up just right underneath has been one issue plus doing the cut out for the existing big stone wall. Again that’s all his baby but I hold stone well on the saw and am the level holder. He’s a perfectionist (did I mention that?) so eventually they are just so. Note I didn’t say perfect as the odd one isn’t quite exactly that but it’s good enough for the girl he goes out with.

Special cut left and right sides

Most of our projects take so so long which makes this a pleasant change. I suspect inside a month we will be complete. The picture below shows that we are already at finishing height on the west side. We’ve added the first and second level of wire for strength.

The right hand side now has final stones laid out

The thing that always surprises us is now quickly we run out of stones. Boom the big pile is gone and we are off picking rocks again. We have gone to a new rock pile for this round! It’s the one thing we have in spades on our property.

It’s now taken me as long to write this post as it has taken us to do that much rock wall. So one last “artsy” picture (of a rock – how fitting)and then publish finally!


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