Stage 1 Act 2

Well as a warm up act it was a lot of work. I’m happy to report that it’s done and by our standards it was a fairly quick project; 3 weeks. The beginning phase of it was covered in Pitched In and now here we are at completion.

I’m particularly pleased with how fitting the newly restored roof vent looks painted red. Those ridge caps just finishes it off so nicely.

We powered through Act 2 (side 2). I did the top one-third demo on Tuesday morning. He did the remaining demo on Thursday and Friday afternoon. I sanded, primed and painted the fascia Friday afternoon after work. Saturday am we started shingling and by the evening we had done the 12 easy rows. Sunday was all the hard rows but we just kept powering through despite the wind making it hard. In fact at one point we started working as team on one section because the shingles kept blowing away on us. So I’d go get them and hold them while laying them out and he’d do all the nailing. We actually think it was faster than just working alone. We put the last row of full shingles on shortly before our son and daughter-in-law arrived for a socially distanced supper on the patio.

Monday he did the 2 rows of cut shingles, put in the roof vent and put on the ridge caps. I was so thankful not to go up one more day as my hips and back sure didn’t like it. He started after lunch and completed it all in time for a late supper. We even had time to take down the scaffolding and clean up the area.

There is still a bit of work for the painter to do on both gable ends. So the scaffolding has to go up again but in the big picture of projects it’s a minor one.

The next biggie is actual Stage 2, Act 1,2 and 3. Coming soon whether we are ready or not.

It’s summer so the picking is pretty easy for an artistic photo to end the post. Our bike ride today took us by a crop that is a bit confused. Not good for the farmer but great for a photo as the flax and canola are sharing the space.


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