Rising Up!

Step by step, that’s how he’s going but it’s not taking quite as long as I had expected. Number 9 is a cut away from being completed and as you can see, in the picture below, how wonderful they look. The Tyndall stone risers contrasts nicely with the granite treads.

There has been zero digging to put them in place which, again, surprised me. They are set a bit higher than I had anticipated and highlights why we need the railing ASAP after they are complete. He’s actually been using fill to build up the “interior” and use less base gravel and sand.

Meanwhile I have finally completed the first big landscaping job we started together. Once the stones were set in concrete and the base levels redone around the circular garden he started the stairs. I stayed in the garden and stayed in the garden and stayed in the garden. It’s a bloody good thing I am stubborn and goal oriented because eventually I got the weeds dug and about 11 yards of mulch laid out.

I found it hard to pull all those Shasta daisies as technically they are a flower but…. They were so overtaking the western side that I had to be ruthless. I’ve left lots of them for now but can easily pull more out after they have quit flowering.

I had trouble throwing out all those flowers so they are literally in every vase I have plus outside in the milk can! In the end I was more ruthless and just wanted to finish the job. I’m quite certain it hasn’t been helping my leg/back issues but I didn’t want to lose the momentum to get the task completed.

I was excited to move on to the next project as it was a big change from a spring that was 100% landscaping. After 8 or so hours I am wondering why I was so excited? By tomorrow side 1 will be completed demo’d and the fascia board should have primer and the first coat of paint applied. The shingles have been aging in the shed waiting to be installed. They make that area smell so wonderful that I will miss that but it will also free up a lot of space.

We are also pleased that during all this we have managed to get the shrubs around the garden weeded and mulched. We put parts of the garden in with landscape fabric and bought 5 bales of straw. What a huge difference all this has made to the garden. Now I can go in and weed a few rows and actually make progress and not feel overwhelmed. It’s also conserving moisture well, which really this year isn’t necessary, as it seems to rain once or twice a week. The garden needs a few consistent days of heat.

Lots on the go here but it’s all heading towards the completion of so many big ticket projects that it feels good. Maybe not so much on our backs!


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