Slow Start Steps

It’s a good thing we are kind of like the turtle and know that we are in this for the “long haul”. This next project is off to a bit of a slow start as so often happens out here.

The heavy duty stone cutting saw is back and now set up again. It took a lot longer than anticipated to get full steam ahead but it ran for a couple of hours today.

It also took a lot longer to get this base built. There was a significant amount of time spent taking levels to ensure he was starting at the right spot. Apparently the next step which kind of swings around the corner will be even harder. Let’s hope that after that it’s smoother building.

I had thought it would be a joint project and maybe it will be when the hill needs to be dug into. But for the last two days he has laboured away and I have done other things. I’d love to help if it moves things along. I am pretty pumped to have stairs to go down to the walk out area.

Plus once this is done it means the railing guy can come on out and build the small deck rail and the handrail for the stairs mentioned above. This is a huge safety issue with two young children who like to climb things. We’ve had this on the list and in the budget for a few years and, fingers crossed, it will be complete this year.

Once we’ve squared those items away we have the last small section of rock wall to build to tie it all together. I am actually looking forward to it but don’t tell the stone mason I said that!

As per usual, with the house blog, I always try to close with an artsy picture to prove that we do stop and smell the roses. Literally today. Both rose plants are growing like crazy and heavy with blooms.


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