So Close

We’ve got the curbing finished and the grade level changed on the driveway. It looks like we didn’t change anything but it is certainly obvious when it rains.

Digging the last of the garden dirt out of the driveway

For the first time in 13 years there is not a pile of base gravel at the top of the driveway. But there is 5 yards of mulch which will make a total 10+ yards that will be put into place.

Alas that mulch awaits a – less bloody wind and b – a weed free area. I am working on it and at this point am probably 75% complete. Loads of digging but hey it makes me stronger. There are flowers that are like weeds and weeds that are like flowers so it’s all a challenge to me.

Shasta daisies fight with dandelions for space

Meanwhile seems we had the Bobcat supplies got loaded into the next project area. It wasn’t without mishap but we managed. Unfortunately the rest of it is grunt work so more chances to build strong muscles! The engineer has done the math for the stairs and has the drawing completed.

Another month (or so) and finally there will be stairs!

So another weekend draws to a close without a completed project. Today we took a break from those projects and had the littles. We attempted to plant 40 seedlings and one would expect that the toddler and preschooler would have been the issue. They are such outside children that they are happy to play around us. It was the fact that it kept raining on us that actually stopped work more often.

She actually helped plant a few of them

Sunday night publish, just like in the “old days” when I just had the house blog.


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