Side view mirror

I had hoped, unrealistically, that this whole landscape “thing” would be in the rear view mirror by the end of the weekend. Alas, as per usual, it always takes us longer than we anticipate so it’s just in the side view mirror at this point.

We have made some serious progress and have about two days left for the concrete rock barrier. I have about a week of 6 hours days of digging, pulling, raking and applying mulch. I don’t want to even to think about the work or the site muscles! I just keep projecting ahead to the mulch keeping most of the weeds at bay.

We’ve actually run out of rocks the right size so will have to go rock picking at a pile one day soon. We’ve also run out of mulch so need to organize a trailer and a LOT more mulch! The road way is almost backfilled with base gravel and it is starting to look like it was always this size. We, well much more he, have redone the short path to the rain gauge. We stuck landscape fabric under the rocks and then just a small amount of mulch. We do plan to expand that path to met up with the other one so will need to go find more flat rocks. The path rocks kind of get lost in the mulch but I assume it darkens as it weathers. One can actually see the section that was applied first and that’s only a couple of weeks of age.

I may lose my mind the first time I see the dog in there digging himself a hole to lay in. Or worse a cat digging back mulch to poop. I know it’s not going to keep all the weeds down but it’s got to help. I am still a little unsure how creeping plants are supposed to creep through 4″ of mulch. It has exposed how much space has no plants! Although the front two areas have the squash and pumpkin plants in ground and will look greener in a few weeks. I also threw in some corn to see if it liked this location better. Little Miss A and I will plant some potatoes this weekend if the weather cooperates. Ah yes, less work and more play this weekend as we will have the littles for a while. But even without them around we still take time to appreciate the view, our active lifestyle and the peace and quiet of our life.


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