Landscaping ..finally

Eons ago we designed the garden for the purpose of having a circular driveway. The original garden and road size seemed right at the time. We’ve come to accept that the road width felt too narrow for some drivers if a vehicle was parked.

We set about fixing that today which will also address two other issues. The north east corner of the garden has always been below grade level and ends up in wet times as a mess. The stones around the edge work great as a delineation line but they were full of weeds and prone to movement from “things” happening to them. Time to fix all 3 issues at once as well as the gardener issue. I had no desire to spend the next 25 years weeding endlessly so we’ve made the decision to mulch even though the plantings aren’t …. where they should be, what they should be or how they need to be

I’m sure it makes sense to him!

It’s very rare that we ever find a project that goes quicker than planned but day 1 saw some slow progress to start but then we just motored along.

Up first was moving the walk way stones. The humungous big one that we put in place with a bobcat. Yeah that one. He wasn’t giving up and do used cantilevered action and a tow rope off the truck to get it to turn around. I just like basically let him have this one and worked as a gardener while he struggled away. Once it was turned we drew the new lines and got to work. Dirt out, forms up, base gravel down and ready for concrete and stones.

I was about 110% shocked when the stones just got picked up and plunked it. As long as they fit inside the forms he just grabbed what was handy. I went behind and with the trowel added concrete around the stones and leveled it off. Again a bit surprised as I don’t usually get the job of finishing work.

Just like that day 1 ended and we are about a quarter done the entire garden. The dirt from the trench is being moved by wheelbarrow over to the low spot. Then once the edging is all done we will borrow the Bobcat and move the last of it out and put down the base gravel. So glad we aren’t doing all that by hand.

During any little breaks I had from that work I went back to pulling weeds, turning over the soil and laying down post peelings. I don’t have them the 6″ thickness that they recommend yet but I need to get the base done. I thought I had waited long enough into the growing season but have managed to dig up a few bulbs/plants that I didn’t see.

As an aside the gale force wind was most unpleasant today. It made moving the mulch very difficult to do so I am hopeful that tomorrow brings with it nicer weather.

In the early days of the house blog I always waited until specific projects were finished before I hit publish. Today I decided to do an intra project post. Hopefully by the end of next weekend the road is completed, the grade level has the proper slope and the mulch is all on place. Man I’m tired thinking about it but will be excited to have these tasks behind us.


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