I am quite sure that isn’t even a take off of a word! A shelf. Shelves created. Shelfed.

I am happy to report that we worked on a quick and easy project over the holiday weekend. We are at a supply slow down in our window frames to picture frames so couldn’t really make much progress there.

We looked around at other areas that required finishing touches and came up with a relatively easy project.

There is a tiny wall area behind the bar that needs shelves. We have salvaged plate rail from the University Drive house.

A bit of demo and they were apart and cut down to size. A few hours later they had been chemically stripped and coarse sanded. Not long after that the final sanding was done and the inset lines ready for paint. This was a lot less arduous than the table legs (9 versus 144) so it didn’t seem to take long. We then trialed stains. We have very little oak in our prairie four square and it doesn’t stain at all like fir.

We decided to highlight the difference and we went with a light honey colour. The gel takes forever to dry though so I had to slow down and wait the 24 hours. Then it was a few coats of Diamond Finish. Meanwhile Ron marked out the appropriate height and screw locations.

From start to finish 5 days! It seems like a record in our life of long term BIG projects. It was fun, cost zero and looks great.

It will limit the purchasing of new scotch as the shelves are full!


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