Order Up

Its been a significant length of time since I did a blog post here. It is after all a house blog and if we aren’t doing house projects then I don’t blog here. BUT today we did something!

There is a moratorium on

general spending as I’ve been laid off but… there is an exception to every rule.

We’ve got one last large outstanding project on the inside of the house. A fair number of years ago we replaced all the windows in the house with double hung energy efficient custom sized ones. The inside of these windows needs custom fuller pieces to hide the outer frame. Then the window stops can be restored and put back into place.

There are 31 windows. 3 custom pieces per window. Probably no 2 windows will have the same size pieces. They will all need to be cut, sanded, stained and sealed. Oh and only the main floor windows have been stained and sealed. We decided it didn’t make any sense to continue when we had to put these pieces in.

So… it’s a big job. One that requires decent spring weather so that we can a)mill and sand outside with freezing our hands and b)have the windows open for the weird spots that need stain and sealing. It also requires a fair amount of linear feet for trim. We never did come up with any salvage wood that would work so we broke down (or got broke) and ordered the wood today.

So the spring, when it finally arrives in our corner of the world, will find us outside and inside doing that last big job. It seems we have lots of time due to Covid19 and the stay at home aspect of this scary time.

As far as the winter goes we’ve managed quite a few projects. Santa and Mrs Claus were busy before Christmas creating with wood. That all came together in the Winter Works .

We also completed, at long last she says with a heavy sigh, the 3 tables for the attic space. It is over on the other blog but I copied the link to here as My Good News.
Each and every day that I spend time upstairs I marvel at how wonderful the tables look and how perfectly the design fits the space. 

We’ve noticed that we’ve had a frequent visitor to the blog site during the pandemic. It would appear that they are reading chronologically through the journal of our house story. One of these days, aka when we are finished the major projects, I’m going to also read it over front the beginning. Then it’s going to make one heck of a coffee table book for here.


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