Winter Works

The wood working projects continue as per our usual winter with other activities thrown in. Santa’s workshop was very busy here again this year as was Mrs. Claus’s. Ron crafted an art table and benches for the grandchildren and I took care of finishing it. The benches slide under the table. The oldest is enjoying it immensely, the youngest just believes it was invented to climb on. Santa also made some holding boxes out of left over cedar and a drawer for my antique table that came sans drawer. Mrs. Claus also sewed 4 charity quilts and a plethora of other items that ended up as gifts.

More work continues, yet again, on these seemingly endless tables I dreamt up. Let’s face it that while I wanted to be the lead on this project it’s a bit complex for me. I didn’t even realize one builds a table upside down nor did/do I know all the names of the parts. We still have slats to measure so we can build the base but before we got to that each brace had to be filed down to fit the slot on the facing board. We had anticipated that as the blades for the table saw could only be put to a certain size and it was about a blades worth short.Once we’ve dry fitted it all together then we will build the tongue and groove top and cut it to size. Then we will put it together for real. At some point in time that top will need 3 to 4 coats of Diamond Finish. I suspect it will all take some time because x 3. I also suspect that it seems highly unlikely that the real carpenter will get to the window pieces again this year. Which is too bad but maybe I can hope for early spring. The unheated garage plus the finished basement make it hard for cutting intense projects. This will likely be the last update here until we finish said tables. Meanwhile we both enjoy the look of the veranda daily. It just completes the house. It looked fabulous decked out in lights and frost although I failed to get a picture of both it seems. Despite trying to keep it a dog free zone you can see by the tracks how well that has worked out.So that’s the one deep of winter post for here.


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2 Responses to Winter Works

  1. Georgina Hindmarsh says:

    Love the table!!!


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