Assorted Sundry Items

We are both working on individual wood working projects. Although I started mine in April he completed his before me. While I am happy for his progress it feels like I have been slugging away for eons.

The new outdoor furniture came with several cushions. They need a storage container for outside. We’ve got salvaged hardwood galore so he has planed it down and sanded it. He’s building a box.

He was contemplating how to make the top and sorted it out. In the meantime we decided on no finish at all to the wood. We will just let it naturally weather. Colour wise that will suit the space well, just hope from a wear point of view that the wood can withstand the weather. Turned out very stellar; leather handles, nice latches and a brass lid lifter.

A year + ago we found 12 antique table legs. They weren’t cheap but we bought them anyway. They were covered and cracked with several coats of paint and grime. That took loads of time in the spring and fall to get rid of but persistence is a good trait.

That plethora of hardwood mentioned above will be used for the 3 table tops. Loads of discussion and research about how to finish them as they will be used in my attic space. Which means the finish needs to be durable and cloth/paper friendly. The table facing is salvaged from a different house and we have had it for a long time. So it was finally design decision time about colours, stains and finishes. Happy to report that this next stage has gone faster than I anticipated it would. Loving this new Varathane Diamond Finish! Then finally it will be time to build the tables!

I’m excited about that part as for a long time I’ve wanted to improve my skills. 95% of the time he does the cutting and creating. I want to take the lead on it and do the cuts and building. I will need his expertise for sure but we have the plan drawn out and some of the cutting I will be confident with. It’s how the legs marry to the table face that is complex.

This is the first year in ages that we’ve actually done building projects in November. Seems most years we’ve needed a break to rejuvenate ourselves after our summer of construction.

Up next for me will be turning old windows into picture frames. Up next for us together may be a couple of hardwood cube boxes with tin ceiling tiles for a top. Think they will be stellar as outside end tables. Plus the grandchildren need an arts and crafts table for their playroom so that is also on the list.

The last “biggie” for the carpenter is to create window trim pieces for every single window. All 31 of them need 3 pieces. Then the painter will have to stain and varnish those along with the windows (that’s a spring summer job for sure). It’s a big job as each window will have to be custom created.

Even with our winter projects we will find time for R & R. Well our version of it that is — which will involve soccer, skiing, snow shoeing and time with family.


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