Break out the Prophecy

Hallelujah – we can break out the good bottle of Scotch. The weather

held and we worked hard to complete the list of tasks. There are 2 items that must wait for spring and warm weather but overall it’s a wrap AND a darn good one!! We are so pleased with how it turned out. It completes the house.

The plus is it’s likely under budget. The rock was free, the cedar siding was long since purchased, special stones were salvage. We could easily have gone crazy over budget if we’d opted for the on line purchase of corbels. We tried sourcing them locally; about $750. We tried all the big box stores and the speciality wood store to no avail. We looked on line, despite being reluctant on line shoppers, and found them for about $70/corbel. That’s US funds so the price adds up but we thought do-able. I added them to the cart and found that shipping was $350. UGH.

So that was a solid NO. Which meant that the carpenter had to work his magic. He drew out the template based on the curve of the front door window and the screen door. A little Kijiji shopping and $50 later he had a scroll saw. Salvage bits of lumber and some sand paper and screws; all items we had on hand. Then the painter took over and finished them up.

It feels like such a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. The last big project completed. Oh yes there is still more to do but this is so significant.

Now I’m signing off so we can go enjoy a sip of Jura’s Prophecy. I usually end with an artistic view of life here but I think I’m going to deviate and give you Jura views.


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3 Responses to Break out the Prophecy

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  2. Definitely a win worth the Prophecy! And all your views are beautiful. From corbels to highlands.Job well done!


    • bernieLynne says:

      Ah thanks!! Appreciate your taking the time to read about our crazy house projects and leaving a comment. This blog is really just a public domain diary of our endeavours with it. Rarely do we get comments!!


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