On a Roll

Oh so so so close. I can almost taste the scotch and the

victory dance.

This weekend he got boards and some of the trim pieces up on the pillars; note his cute little helper who had to come inside and get her tools because her Pa was working. Now the top trim pieces on the pillars can’t be done until he creates the corbels.

That’s a long story. We couldn’t find any appropriate size ones here. We checked into getting them milled locally and unless we won the lottery it wasn’t that feasible; they came in about a the same price as the ones in the American on line restoration store. Which means, you guessed it, he’s going to create them himself. The design is being drawn up right now as I blog! I’m not exactly sure how long they will what take to create. So he’s not so close to complete because he considers them structural and that they need to installed asap.

But my portion is done for now! I spent 5+ hours finishing up the painting of the siding, the pillars and the soffit. It was a windy day which always makes painting a challenge and add to that above your head on a ladder and it equals not a lot of fun. But it’s complete and it looks stunning. My further painting this year (corbels) will be done in the boiler room.

It even looked amazing not quite finished when in the lens of our young photography friend. The weather wasn’t cooperative and we had one really cold little girl but even so the sneak peak photo shows the love that this house speaks to.

Thats a wrap for yet another Monday blog update.


Hot off the drawing board (well technically he drew it on the floor but you get the gist)!! Now to decide if they are green, red or yellow.

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