Two New

In the words of our two year old granddaughter “two new doors, red”. Yes indeed! I have now done yet another

door which leaves only the front door in need of TLC. Yeah me and my other half (seems he changes out the hinges and hangs them).

It seems each one was a bit easier or I just got more experienced. The time crunch was real though as I wanted them done by fall. The behind the scenes aspect means it’s more than just another red door. There are door sweeps, door plates, handles and weather stripping that also needs to occur – which means the carpenter has alot on his plate.

Especially seems he is also trying his best to get the veranda done. So I was a titch surprised to come home from work today to find that he was one board away from complete on the landing deck. Which meant it needed to be sanded and sealed before night fall. Fortunately it’s a small space and it didn’t take that long. Less time than it took the three combines in the field below the road to finish up. Their dust was still going when I went in for a late supper at 7:15.

I suspect it went so easy for both of us as we just finished up the flooring on the veranda. It was a LOT more work! The picture below shows it complete except for the nosing (where the blue strip is) as that wasn’t completed before I finished the sanding and sealant.

The “punch” list is still significant, enough so I don’t think it qualifies as a punch list. We are both still holding out hope that we can make it before the weather is gone for good. Stay tuned.


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