Self-congratulatory pause

Seems like a self-congratulatory pause moment to me; in the space of just a few days we’ve accomplished a significant milestone.

The veranda walls are sided and have the final coat of paint applied. It always sounds so easy when you type it out but the doing of it was not quite like that. Each board had to be custom cut on the pillar side to fit the stones. Caulking applied for weatherproofing and then that coat of paint; which can be elusive to apply in the fall with the weather being somewhat temperamental.

Once that was completed we moved on to creating the front railings. All the wood had to be purchased, milled, sanded, primed,assembled, first coat or yellow and then installed. Final coat of yellow happened as soon as he finished each section I was behind him with the paint brush.

It looks amazing. The design came out so perfect and the execution will stand the test of time. Onward to the flooring; the blueskin is down which was a challenge. The cedar tongue and groove needs to be dug out, installed and sealed. Hoping by next weekend!

Definitely a self-congratulatory pause — I even blogged it the same day it was completed!


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2 Responses to Self-congratulatory pause

  1. Janice Hales says:

    How beautiful!


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