Hello Beautiful

Isn’t that a crazy title for a house blog? They are usually boring and reflect our projects. This one qualifies on one front; it reflects a project we’ve worked on besides the verandah.

It’s a well known fact that my carpenter, electrician and mason doesn’t like multi tasking. So it’s kind of surprising that he did just that last weekend. He was busy working on the veranda but set that aside to work on my “hello beautiful” project.

As he stated it was a perfect day for the task. Blue skies, no wind and warm temperatures. He figured it beat the heck out of a cold icy wind with snow fluttering around his fingers. So he worked his carpenter magic on the door that I had restored and voila — hello beautiful was installed.

Little A walked in and pointed to the door and said “new red”. I guess it’s pretty noticable!

I think to truly appreciate it one must see what was there before. Seriously you could see sunlight between the panels and we’d used clear tape to hold the wind out. It was the biggest outstanding item left on the list and it’s done!!

We don’t think that the new door is a forever door but it will do for the next few years. I must say it closes and opens a lot easier which is fabulous. It’s the aesthetics though that have me saying Hello Beautiful!!


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