“Labour Day”

Ah yes Labour Day weekend — the weekend to relax from your labour and enjoy the last long weekend of the summer. Next year that’s exactly what

we are going to do! But that’s not want we did this year at all. In fact we put in one long day and two medium length days but wow what we got done.

I just started straight up with the finished product! Well finished on one side that is. The other side of this wall can’t be sided until the flooring is in place.

But the other side wall was built late this afternoon after the rain moved on and is now secured to the house and the pillar. Hopeful the next couple of days will see the particle board and the siding put on. The cuts are, of course, complex. One side must be angled to mesh with the other siding and the pillar side must be cut to match the rock profile.

Today, during the rain he milled the posts, railing and spindles. I sanded, sanded and sanded. Not much variety today but yesterday I primed a lot of boards, first coated yellow, second coat of yellow on a different set of boards, final coat red on the crown moulding which the carpenter installed, touch up green on the door jam and trim, touch up red on the door as well as sanded, stained and varnished the door jam. That’s a lot of variety and a lot of brushes to clean!

It was an exciting weekend — so much progress after a couple of long months of mortar and rocks. It’s going to take a concentrated effort to complete it but I think we are both motivated. He’s keen to open his special bottle of Scotch to celebrate and I just WANT IT DONE! Stay tuned for more updates soon!


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