Motoring Along

I’m happy to report that things are motoring along on the veranda. There has been able

significant amount of progress since my last post 2 weeks ago.

There are 4 sections of the veranda that will have a rock facing and 2 of them are totally complete. The third one is half done and the fourth one is started. They look just amazing as the pillars.

The stairs are 75% complete and just need the risers to get the slate fronts created and mortared into place. Ron has spent of the afternoon cutting stone. We’ve actually started using the front door, a mere 12 years later, because there are now stairs to get there!

I’ve completed the painting of the veranda ceiling and the lites. One free evening the mason became an electrician and installed them. We are very pleased with how they turned out. Only piece left up to there is the red crown moulding which is painted and ready for the carpenter.

I need to do some research on what to finish the cedar planking with. We want a solid colour on it and are hoping for something in a forest green colour. If anyone has any recommendations on a product that has lasted long and looks good please leave a comment.

We also need to pick up the wood for the top of the pillars and the side walls as well as the railings. This will all need to be primed and painted. Considering how quickly we managed to create the balcony railings I think those sections will be relatively quick.

So perhaps, weather permitting, we just might make it. Which is going to feel so amazing and we are all set to celebrate with a special bottle of Scotch!


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