Figuring “It” Out

It definitely qualifies as a work in progress, these stone columns. They have taken a significant amount of time and effort will all masonry joints being finishing ones. They are now complete except for the slate stone cap.

That’s the reference to “figuring it out” as the mason isn’t quite sure exactly what this cap will be like. We have the material and we know what it won’t be like as he did a test.

In the meantime he’s also started the steps when he did the last column mix. Prior to that we did the cutting of those stones and I will tell you that it wasn’t fun. Not at all. Those suckers are heavy, cumbersome and heavy (oh did I mention that?). We’re always grateful that our buddy Peter of Precision Paving and Landscaping is so supportive of our endeavours and loans us the tools we need.

He’s also started the front of the veranda facing which is very exciting. It’s all finishing work but bigger stones than the columns so we are hopeful it will go slightly faster. In the combined pictures below the top one shows three different options for the stair riser, again in the green slate.

Its now into August and I will admit we are not as far along as I had hoped. The days are decidedly shorter but the soccer schedule is lighter so perhaps we can “hurry hard” and be done before Sept long weekend. The painting is progressing well with only final coats on the veranda ceiling and crown moulding (once in place but that means the mason becomes a carpenter) to do.

Grasshopper is more impatient than Mr Rome.


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