Need to Know

I love when we have company drop by. Not only do we get a break and good food I also get to hear the

latest plans. Because, as a rule, I kind of function on an as need to know basis. It’s all in his head and it doesn’t need to be in mine, apparently.

So it turns out that after the veranda stairs, stone pillars and the stone wall get their speciality stone in place the big pile of salvaged stones is moving to the walk out. Which will nicely clean up the front view of the house. Not likely to landscape level but at least less of a construction zone look. I’m hopeful the mixer moves as well and the farm truck can go park in its usual spot.

There were two other surprises. We need venting for the veranda although I sort of vaguely recall this conversation a long time ago. So we are working on sourcing that which also reminds me we are ready for lites as well.

The other is that he can’t complete the decking until he finishes the last stone pillar. I was incredibly excited today when he started installing plywood. I felt like we’d hit a home run after a month or two of sitting on the bench. It seems like such visual progress and makes the end point seem doable in the summer of 2019! Then he halted and I didn’t take a picture because I wanted to post it complete. But now’s it’s a mortar mix away and that might be Tuesday or Wednesday.

I’ve finally started the painting process again, I’d spent some down time waiting for a small shoulder injury to settle down. Hard to do a repetitive activity when your shoulder is compromised but it’s significantly better now. So this week I primed and painted the soffit plus the corner posts green. Today I got an early start on the final coat of the balcony railings and the pony wall siding. I was dreading the last item as I thought the ladder work would feel precarious but it’s wasn’t bad. The worst part was the arm full of shingle slivers – according to Ron they will feel better in a couple of days. Nice of him to warn me hey!

So now I’ve done a city run and ruled out any vents locally and will attempt to source them provincially. That means he won’t complete those side sections when he does his pour this am but will work on the front sections.

But I did score two great Habitat finds. 3 lites that met his criteria and mine. A little paint magic and they will fit the period as well and they didn’t break the bank so…. for a smidgeon more I bought something else that ultimately will be on the veranda. No revel yet as we have to create it; perhaps in the late winter or early spring.

All in all it feels like a win even if I’m occasionally in the dark. Which reminds me; the side walls of the veranda can’t go up until the flooring goes on. I was hoping he could build them soon so I could start painting the siding.

As as aside the folks at Day’s Paints are a bit ?”amazed”? that we are still working on the same project. It’s only been like 12 years. I must admit, that I’m super hopeful, that by next year we can just be like “normal” DYI’ers and do moderate projects that don’t require extensive periods of time and energy. So then maybe we could bike together or relax and enjoy an evening.


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