Masonry Medicine

The actual repair of the cracked mortar, in the big picture, took mere minutes. It was preceded by lots of on line research about what was the best product to use and then the gathering the correct supplies.

Half an hour later the repair was done. An hour later the mortar was repointed. It’s like it never happened. So now he can move onward and indeed has rocks laid “up” and ready to go.

I, on the other hand, have accomplished zilch so far towards the veranda. I’ve been focusing on the gardens and the saskatoons. Which are stellar as discussed here in a post called Bumper Crop. The painting isn’t holding up the carpenter as he’s busy being a mason again so it’s all good.

It truly is all good. We had friends out for supper last evening and the weather was so perfect that we sat outside and enjoyed the patio. The storm dumped half an inch of rain and that helps each and every tree.

The mason is going to change his professional work habits so he can do small mixes in the morning when it is cooler. He feels that the heat last summer was the catalyst for the mortar issues. Back on track and hopeful to accomplish lots before our lake time.


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