Hard to Believe

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been at this restoration project for 12 years on site, 13 if you count the

fall and winter prep work before we moved the house. I’ve been blogging about it fairly consistently on Sundays evenings; at least during construction season. That’s not likely to change for a while as we still have a few major items to “finish” up. Ironic when many of them aren’t even started. In fact the list often feels endless so it’s important that we (ok mostly me) remember how far we’ve come.

The big money projects are done; the inside of the house, windows, insulation, siding, the patio, the garage built and the tractor shed moved and resided. We need to redo the roof on said shed; pieces fly off in every strong wind. We have the supplies for that and the kitchen attic roof of the house. Hopeful that those two items can be done in early fall.

We’ve got all the supplies for the veranda so it’s just a matter of time. I’m feeling very impatient for it to be complete. It seems like the progress is very slow although I am happy to report that last weekend’s boards went up way easier than the previous two weekends did. Now this weekend while I’ve been visiting my mother he managed to finish up the last 6 rows alone!

It seems, at moments, like an endless journey but in the meantime we have created a home we love and a lifestyle that keeps us active.

Trust me though, I’d give up masonry work in a heartbeat for a lighter weight creative activity any day. And guess what’s up next?

Right — focus on the positives. It’s just a tiny amount of stone work compared to what we’ve already done. It’s a great excuse to skip the gym. Oh and it’s outside on sunny days.

We’ve got this!


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