Coming Together

It was apparent when we did some research that we’ve been sadly lacking in project documentation. Like there are no

decent pictures of the rock walls or the patio. So today’s short blog post rectifies that.

This one, obviously, looks towards the west and the beautiful setting sun. It’s a totally amazing evening with no wind, no mosquitoes and no fire ban. So thankful to be at home enjoying it.

This one looks east towards the longer retaining wall with the waterfall (no pic of that available at this time) and the hot tub. In the foreground is the new patio furniture; this is what my retirement money went towards. It makes such a world of difference to the look, like we grew up! It also means the table chairs can now stay put and not be dragged around. Need a couple of end tables and some ballast for the furniture as the wind is not it’s friend.

The kitchen area still has a ways to go but it’s functional. We have the stone to build the BBQ wall but think it’s fairly low on the project list for this year. Note in the right hand corner some planters. Hopefully we will have better luck with radishes, lettuce and spinach where they have some shade. Thought it was worth a try. Had a sweet little helper to plant them so they may require some thinning.

It really does feel awesome to have such an amazing space to enjoy. The patio itself turned out spectacular and that also hadn’t been recorded here. Our buddie Peter and his crew did an outstanding job. The random pattern and the colour of the paving stones compliments the rock walls.

Its fabulous to have a space to enjoy after a long day of construction and gardening. Tonight we just did that with pizza and a fire.

12 years on and some of its finally coming together.


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