Hand Crafted in Small Batches

The title makes it sound like we’re brewing beer but the reality is quite different than what you would expect.

We’ve both been diligently working on completing the balcony railing as quickly as possible. Now we aren’t noted for quick easy projects but this one was. It was fairly intense for a few days but we can manage that for a trade off of not working in the same item for 2 or 3 seasons.One load of cedar became top and bottom railings and spindles. He cut and cut and cut. I sanded and sanded.Then he put together a prototype & sorted out a few issues.We then developed the quickest most efficient system for assembling the rail sections. 9 sections equals a lot of screws and nails.I prepainted one section and quickly decided painting them insitu was actually going to be way less work.Now, spring being spring, didn’t always mean that it was warm enough to paint. Not daunted by this we hauled the 9 sections inside to the storage room and I got to work on them.The weather broke and we managed to get them all installed in one afternoon. Although truthfully I buggered off upstairs to finish an outfit for Little A and Baby C so the momma helped her dad when he needed them braced.I always try to close this blog post with an artistic photo and I wanted one that did the house justice and hid the construction zone.

One down — a few more projects to go!


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