This Old Thing

I did a blog post over at called “This Old Thing” were I gave accolades to a 25 year old item. This post has the same name but there are no accolades. I’ve had enough and I’m not talking about the polar vortex although that’s what will force some action to occur.

We’ve worked diligently bringing this old house back to life. We’ve insulated, installed new windows and upgraded/updated all the heating aspects of the house.

What we haven’t done is face the issues with the doors. Like the fact that you can see the light coming through them at night.

We hadn’t reached any kind of firm conclusion about heritage doors or a modern custom made door. We actually bought a heritage door a few years ago and I redid it about 85% of the way and then Ron felt that the structural issue was too significant to use. So there is sits as does the original house doors.

A few years ago we actually covered the old main entrance door with a sheet of plywood and then “hid” it under some Christmas wrapping paper.

I’m not sure why we weren’t smart enough to do that for our main entrance door (one that Herbie had blocked off probably because it was so bloody drafty) but it’s brutal with a west or north wind straight out of the polar vortex. I did suggest the plywood idea but apparently that door is long term ear marked for something else and screw holes would be unsightly so it was better to be cold.

BUT all that ends this spring/summer/fall as we are going to address the issue during construction season. I have no idea which way we will end up going on the two worst doors but we have to do something. In the meantime we’ve had a very relaxing winter and haven’t really done a lot of house related projects except for this one that had been partially created for a year or so but it’s up now!


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