One Man’s Junk

Like usual with house blogs I have so many options for titles.

  • We came, we saw, we conquered
  • One man’s junk is treasure to another
  • The end of an era
  • Salvage is a young man’s job
  • Lucky Lucky us

Despite the fact that winter has descended we are still hard at work. It’s not like we planned to do any of this work but that’s what we’ve been up to. In the cold. Even though the weather has warmed up twice the timing of our tasks and the “heat wave” have not managed to correspond.

Let me digress and set the stage for this post. When we commenced this house project lots of people without the vision thought or told us we were crazy. It was an ugly looking house and had never been updated. All we saw was potential and to be honest, all of our disposable income for a few years. We’ve made that a original vision a reality.

Not everyone has the scope to have the vision. There are many who can’t see the good bones and can only see paint colour or bottom lines. Institutions (look at the volume of old schools torn down)focus solely on the bottom line. There are some home owners that can’t imagine how the solid structures or salvaged parts can be upcycled.

Lucky lucky us! We’ve had a windfall of rocks for the outdoor kitchen, pizza oven/fire pit and the outdoor stairs. Another one of those right place at the right time. It took some organizing to get it all into a trailer and to our house. Great find but it doesn’t make me any more excited to set stone. I will though because it’s a means to an end result.

The other windfall comes from the lack of vision side. Beautiful design, great setting, some structural issues but with those and a small addition added this house had incredible potential. Alas it’s the end of an era for the house and it will be demolished shortly.

Before it headed that way we were offered the opportunity to take whatever we wanted. It was like Christmas morning as we explored the rooms and found a large number of hard to find items. Original lights, picture rail, fir and oak hardwood, 12″ oak trim, crown moulding and an incredible wall unit. One man’s junk became our treasures.

Not gonna lie though. Salvage is a young man’s job. Thankful we had 6 hours of help from one of them but in total we spent about 55 hours. We don’t necessarily have a home for all of it but man it’s hard to let fabulous old architectural wood go to the dump. You can’t even imagine what our garage looks like right now. It is insanely full upstairs and downstairs.

We came, we saw, we conquered. Well not really but we ran out of time to take anything else.

So stay tuned as we work our way through a few winter projects. The first one will be pulling a zillion nails which is less fun than setting stone! That’s a good reminder to me that you just have to put the work in perspective!


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5 Responses to One Man’s Junk

  1. Georgina says:

    I can help!


  2. prairieblueeyes says:

    Don’t know how I missed this earlier. What a lovely place that could have been. Love the ceiling. So glad you got some stuff from it to treasure.


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