Screeching Halt

We’ve come to a bit of a screeching halt here right during prime construction season. First the weather was too hot for mortar and that slowed the progress right down.

Now the stone mason and his apprentice are down

with minor health woes. Which means not a single stone has gone on in a week. But seems the last blog was a couple of weeks ago it’s time to update what we have actually accomplished since then.

All of the stone work around the posts is done and so he cut out the plywood subfloor pieces. They aren’t installed yet as it’s easier to let the mess fall down that have to clean it up.

Exciting news is that the cedar planking for the floor has arrived. It smells great and the grain on it is amazing. We are both 100% undecided about how to finish it.

The picture may seem a bit confusing. The dark brown stained doors are from the original kitchen cupboard unit I’m redoing. 5 rows of cedar under it. So that’s the flooring. At the top of the cupboard doors is a light grey painted planking. That’s salvage from a University Drive house and once painted will become the ceiling for the veranda. That’s up next on my list of to do projects.

The cupboard is complete and ready to be hauled back to the basement. At this point in time we aren’t up to doing it so it will sit in the way for a few more days. It’s only been there for 14 months so what’s another week or two! I think it probably deserves its own blog post seems it has consumed my to do list for a long time!

So back out to the veranda to show that he did make some progress and it’s lovely! Quite hard to get one photo that shows the scope of the four posts so will add a couple.

The big bulky corners are done and now he is tapering in for the pillars.

The most progress shows though in the stairs area. I was extremely excited to see the new family photo spot complete! This is the outside wall of the stairs.

Less mortar time has meant some down time to talk. We’ve reached a firm conclusion that we are going with a wood railing and spindles. Which lead me to phone the railing guy back and tell him it was just the bank landing and stairs down the rock wall that needed a railing. He told me that honestly there was no way any of it would get done this year or maybe even next year. So game changer there. I’ve since been in contact with a small rural company that is interested. He was willing to work off a sketch but engineers don’t sketch they draw.

Ron has been busy now planning how the wood railing will attach to the stone pillars. He made these little fasteners out of Tyndall stone and will insert them in the appropriate spots. Little ones at the bottom and big ones at the top.

So even though we aren’t quite where we hoped it’s all still progress. Then even the blog post came to a screeching halt. We’ve been rather tied up with our son’s wedding this week.

More progress should resume next week she says with her fingers crossed.


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