First Time Ever

For the first time ever the construction delay was not the rain but rather the heat. If we were working on the wood section of the veranda we wouldn’t let 37 degrees stop us but mortar and that kind of heat just don’t mix.

Ron has managed a couple of mixes in the am before it gets too hot and the mortar dries too quickly. But at one mix a day the progress isn’t as quick as one would hope. The project seems so little compared to the crazy rock walls that we were both hoping it would be done by the end of summer holidays. There are only the two big corner areas that have any volume. The little concrete lip is the width and the height is only up to the pink.

Grampa even has a new masonry apprentice setting trial stones in place. She’s also helpful with the tape measure, the hammer, the chalk line and the nails. But she also naps inside near the work area so that could be another reason why we’ve maybe done less than anticipated this week. 18 month olds are busy little beavers and love to help!

On the plus side we have sourced out the stones for the stairs and a cap stone for the little wall he’s building. We’ve got wood being shipped from B.C..

We’ve had several long discussions about design. Something the metal guy said made me think twice and then a stroll in a scenic old town made me think yet again.

Now I stopped and pulled out a couple of old photos of this house. What was originally there was siding walls which we had already planned for both sides but we wanted the front to be more open. Then I showed Ron photos of some of my daily commute houses that I have stockpiled over 3 years. Now we are debating the wrought iron versus the wood. Maybe I can finally have a design decision go my way or really “the house way” as I feel that’s what it needs to be complete. We still need the wrought iron over on the stair by the retaining wall and that small deck area. So we both “win”?

Besides (and yes I know I shouldn’t start the sentence with besides), we stopped by an old house about 5 miles south of where our house was built. This should emphasis why we need wood railing system.

It also demonstrates why we put such intense footings in place. Our stone work goes all the way from the concrete base up so it will still be solid in 100 years unlike this house.

As an aside, while at the lake, we also went by where our house came from. The old Nelson farm site. The yard light and 5 quonsets are the only landmarks remaining, all of the bins are new. The field actually extends into where the yard once was.

All in all we’ve made some good progress and feel like the finish line is in view. The first beer drank on the veranda is going to taste so good.

It feels like a long time since I house blogged but the last post wasn’t that long ago. I love this as a record of our progress. I’ll end now with a photo that reflects the fact that we remember to stop and enjoy the view.


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