Herbie to the rescue

For the first few months we spent a lot of time removing Herbie board. Well the real name is particle board but we nicknamed it Herbie board because he used it everywhere.

For some background Herbie Nelson and his sister Doris, were the last two owners to live in the 1918 Eaton’s House before we moved it. We don’t have many pictures of them but there are a few small town stories that we’ve been privy too.

Herbie was a titch of a hoarder before it became a thing. He was also a solid feature at auction sales buying just about anything; including a large number of still in the crate World War Two motorcycles. We think he found one heck of a deal on particle board somewhere along the way.

We carefully stock piled it all and as required we pull it out and use it here and there. This week we used it on the curb wall and the roof line of the veranda/balcony. It’s one item less to purchase and reusing salvage always feels good. Plus it gets covered in the long run.

The saws and the hammers have been ringing out here pretty steady in the last few days. We’ve even had a contractor show up earlier than anticipated and do his section of work which means the scuppers are now in place.

We’ve been waiting on the railing guy to come along so we can start that process. I’ve been busy painting away while Ron did some backfill and put the header and joists in place. We also have the fascia boards up and ready for their final coat of green.

And now we will come to a bit of a grinding halt on some fronts. We are waiting on cedar shingles plus tongue and groove planking to arrive from B.C. . We are also behind in ordering the soffit boards and dragging out the ceiling salvaged tongue and groove. That will slow me down as there will be a lot of scrapping before the paint brush comes out.

While I’m busy with that aspect the stone mason will be at it again. It’s all finishing work so I don’t think my meager skills will be required except maybe to move stones or clean the mixer. It’s not a huge job as it’s not a super big area but still better him than me!

The progress has seemed quite speedy compared to the last couple of years. We are loving how this project completes the house. It’s nice to recreate what was there even if it is two feet smaller in width. We’re also having a “discussion” about what colour of finish to put on the wrought iron railing. It’s hard to tell what exactly was there in tiny old black and white photos. I’m leaning towards the gold vein of the radiators inside and he wants matte black.


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