Building the Base

We’ve started building the base of the foundation for the pillars this weekend. Can’t say it was particularly easy but where there is a will there is a way. There was also a lot of swear words tossed around at various times and some blood but the job got done.

Some sand, mortar mix and water to fasten the cinder blocks and tap them in place. It sounds so easy to type and read but when you are working in a hole not a single part of it is easy.

This was proceeded by a lot of measuring and marking. The fun part of that was Toddler A got to help carry the tape measure around and she loves helping. We only had one hole at a time exposed so felt safe with the two of us there to supervise. We were glad momma and dad showed up as the mortar was mixing because with four holes exposed and time sensitive product it wasn’t going to be as easy to keep track of a toddler and lift cinder blocks and mortar down to the man.

Alas we ran out of mortar mix before we got the base of the four pillar foundations done. Which meant the man had to proceed alone today while I was at work. Between picking up supplies and having rain delays he managed to get the base level on all four of them plus a second row on three of them.

It’s kind of boring as far as pictures go but it’s just the reality of what stage we are at. It’s actually a weird picture because it doesn’t look like a hole.

To us it’s actually rather exciting. This is the last big project and its year 10. We are looking forward to sitting on the veranda and we’ve got some momentum now!!

Progress comes along and sometimes we can forget where we came from. Here’s a glance at the #oldthingsgarden that is starting to fill in and flower.


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