What? WOD stands for work out of the day. It’s a cross fit gym thing. We did our own version yesterday.

But to back up and set the stage for this I’ll have to reference the work done on Saturday by machine.

Which means that once again I have to plug our friend Peter from Precision Paving and Landscaping because that’s where we went for the little digger. Apparently it’s fun to operate but I can’t say I know that as someone else did it all. It was quite precise what we wanted to do so I guess it’s better that someone with experience operated it and quickly got the four piling holes dug. I’m all for progress and that’s what we saw. By the end of the day we were ready to pour concrete so that’s a win! Which brings us back to the work out on Sunday afternoon. We spent the morning in the city as I was part of a team triathlon were I biked 15 kms. We picked up 30 bags of concrete mix and zipped home to the weather changing for the worse.

So all hands on deck and work as fast as we can. Which meant I did a squat lift of those 66lb bags from the axel section of the truck bed to the tail gate and stood them up. Then I popped down to clean the mixer while he opened it and carried it over.

There was no time intra pouring for pictures as we had a rhythm and we didn’t break it for much. It’s always interesting how well we work together and mesh to our strengths. His is obviously more significant than mine and his additional height sure helps but I did save him from falling into the hole!

I did get two pictures after the last pour but I missed him lowering the rebar mesh into it.

Pretty thankful we have a hot tub! I was pretty darn tired by the end of the day and for a change slept well!

Seems like we got a late start to the construction season but we’ve made a quick start now that we are moving and motivated. Stay tuned for the next challenge update.


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