Drafting the Design

I am super stoked to record here that we have nailed down the design for the veranda and balcony. Our daughter thinks the drawing is worth framing and I would agree (if he fills in the blank spots).

You will note that the bottom is drawn as stone work. Once again we will be wearing our stone mason hats before we get to the wooden structure aspect of it. But it’s only 27 feet long and like 12 to 16″ high so it’s like a walk in the park. I love how it looks so I’m willing to do the work.

This next view shows in clockwise; cut view of the footings, the side view from the house to the front of the veranda and the front cut away view of house attachment sections.

The footing will be a bit of a pain to do as it’s like 4 ‘ deep, concrete base and then cinder blocks. The foundation for the wall won’t be a crazy but apparently the plan is to mix up our own concrete rather than getting a truck. That’s a bit of a drag and lots of work but it’s only going to be a couple of days worth of work so just need to look at the bigger picture.

I’m pleased that the sides have siding; in keeping with the original veranda and as a wind break. We have lots of cedar siding and I love painting so that part will be fairly quick and easy as it’s only a couple of feet tall.

We need to finalize a design for the wrought iron railing and contact the company we’d touched base with a couple of years ago. He made the anchors for the handrail for the rock wall and dropped them off here. We talked about the railing then but we’ve never gone as far as studying what they do and making a decision. Now if only we can remember the company name!

This hasty drawn side image shows the detail for the stairs. I was having trouble visualizing it from the front on view. We had talked about just a cast railing but it seems we are going with the stone. The concern was that this concept might seem to massive but we think the size of the house can carry it.

So that’s what he did on wet Saturday. Now today we have done the measuring and put stakes in. I’ve already moved all the rocks and now we just need to move the mixer and a bobcat back hoe.

My mom wanted to sit on the porch in her 90th year but we kind of missed that. Ron suggested she sit on the paper drawing but I’m pretty sure that by her birthday in September this can be a reality.

The other “pressure” is that the house is 100 years old this year and that means It’s Party Time. This momentous occasion deserves some recognition and it would be pure awesomeness to have a late summer party. Now that we have a design it’s time to get to work.



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8 Responses to Drafting the Design

  1. Dianne says:

    This will look awesome Bernie. Lots of work ahead for you and Ron but it’s a labor of love for you guys. Can’t wait to see it when it’s completed!!!!


  2. Georgina says:

    Let us know when you need laborers


  3. Brenda Bacon says:

    Again – you two take my breath away at the sheer amount and enormity of the work you are willing to take on! Now really anticipating pictures of the works in progress


    • bernielynne says:

      This seems like a walk in the park Brenda compared to the other 9 years of labour.
      For sure there will be pictures. The blog is our record of the project. Someday when I retire it will become a coffee table book for our house.


  4. Alma D says:

    Can’t wait to see your finished project. I so admire you both for all the work you do on your house and yard. Your oasis to enjoy in retirement.


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