Ron arrived home from a city run yesterday afternoon with lumber. I guess it’s spring and seems he keeps the master plan in his head he was picking up supplies for the first outside project on his list. This info is shared on an as need to know basis. That means sometimes I seem uniformed. So I was caught off guard today when he fired up the circular saw and started drilling into the house.

I guess he decided spring was here and so it was time to start. I can attest that the wind hadn’t realized spring was here. I had the “pleasure” of going outside to hold items.

I was dismayed that I didn’t get to paint it all first but apparently it is all going to be clad so I don’t need to. This is one of the projects that is definitely in his head and not mine. I’m still a bit confused, and have been for about 4 years, how this ties in to the stairs but it will all come out in the “wash” so to speak. Alas it probably involves me in skut labour mode. Oh well it builds muscle mass!

Stay tuned as perhaps this year there will be more updates with smaller projects. The walls look amazing but I am so happy they are behind us now. So while there is some masonry work to do tying in the little wall to the big wall (that you see in the photo above) it won’t be an entire summer of it. YEAH!!


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