One Project

We worked our way out of project space last year when we finished up the basement so that meant that this year’s projects had to fit into the furnace room or be done in the unheated garage. There are a couple of my projects sitting out there waiting for warmer days to advance to the next step.

There was one project small enough to get completed this winter. When we moved our tractor shed there was a whole bundle of quarter round trim pieces. They are a slightly bigger size than the ones we originally salvaged from this house which is good because in the attic and second floor landing the original size doesn’t quite cover the empty space between the baseboard and the flooring.

So after sanding it out in the garage the stain was applied to the boards in the furnace room; slightly less than large enough space. Two coats of varnish and then a Saturday afternoon to put it all in place. It’s funny that is makes such a huge difference but it’s had to spot what was done if you don’t know.

That’s it for our completed winter projects unless you count doing a puzzle. Sooner than I thought it become construction season! Stay tuned.


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