If you have an old house people give you cool stuff. “Stuff” that no one wants to see in the landfill but the owner can’t figure out what to do with it. Well we haven’t figured out what to do with it yet but it was just too cool to pass up. And hey what’s one more project on the list? In less than a year I will be retired from full time nursing so will “need” something to fill the days (haha!).

Mucho gracias to our son who once again came to the rescue with brut strength, the right tools and a willingness to always help out. Even if it seems somewhat reluctant at times!

Of course, this time, there was payment. The owner parted, reluctantly, with the safe and Spencer was thrilled. He was reluctant because he felt it was unique and he would like to have restored it but the time, energy, tools and storage space made it all rather difficult.

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5 Responses to Bonanza!

  1. Georgina says:

    The stove will look great on your patio with plants in it. Maybe a fairy garden!


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