The Little Details

It has been a decade of big winter projects so it is quite nice to sit back and relax this year. We are really enjoying the fireplace and we have even started working on a jigsaw puzzle.

We’ve also been busy attending to some little details around the house. Things, that with big projects on go, get left aside. But now the glass door knobs are cleaned and installed, and hook hangers are up on our bedroom door. My second hand store frames now have our Vancouver years prints framed in them. That bathroom wall needed something and these turned out stellar.

We’ve also done boring things like clean up the big storage room. Unpacked a stuff from a couple of boxes that got packed when we moved! 9 years ago! I reorganized baby toys and adult games. Ron finished up the wardrobe that came to us via Erin, which had originally lived here in Herbie’s house, before her mom bought it at the auction sale.

Ron also set to work on a slightly bigger project when he built new shelves for the cold storage room. The Herbie shelf that came with the house was in decrepit shape so it was time. I lucked into some selvage finished pine shelving pieces so no finishing work was necessary. It’s lovely to have so much more shelving!

Then Gramps (aka Ron) created an ingenious idea for a “baby/dog” gate. We have a plethora of old doors so it was just a matter of finding the right hardware to make it work. I did not one stitch of work on this project which seems weird as I usually refinish the old wood. I’m still slugging away on that big cupboard unit although not over the holidays. It was too cold to haul it outside and I won’t use the belt sander in the garage.

As stated above it’s been a bit on the cold side here so outside pictures have been limited by that but I did get a few the other day. So many that it’s hard to chose!

It’s been quite lovely having a chance to catch our breath. It may be a while before I blog here again as I am not sure what other house projects we will do this winter.


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3 Responses to The Little Details

  1. Janice says:

    I absolutely adore the baby/dog gate – it is so appropriate for you and the house! Excellent job! Now you can have a pony in the house as well!

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  2. prairieblueeyes says:

    Clever baby gate and Herbie’s wardrobe looks terrific. Amazing that Erin still had it and that it has returned to the house.


    • bernielynne says:

      Erin has visited and knows the house so she knew right where to ask when it needed a new home. I love it. It’s got the same writing on it as the back of all the house trim pieces.
      Yes the date turned out awesome! Love it! Clever man of mine.


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