Ta Da (4 years later) 

In June we left an inside project at the stage that you can see in the post called Post “post”. That’s a lot of “posts” but really it’s more about the spindles and the handrail as there was loads of tweaking that needed to occur. With no rain days to speak of this summer we rarely returned to work on the handrail etc to the basement. I did end up doing the staining and the varnishing of it on a few mornings off.  As you can see it required a fairly significant work space. It then moved into the basement where it has been collecting dust on the floor until the snow hit.

IMG_4326Ron set out, in the last two days, to complete it and this afternoon he put the final screws into place while I leaned on it with all my considerable weight. The spindles and the cap into the post were a challenge to get together. There was some swearing when one of the spindles cracked and split. All that work and it needs repairing. Insert unhappy sign here 😝. But as Ron said people replace spindles regularly without tearing the whole thing apart so at some point in time we will have to replace it but not today. Today I just want to marvel that going down those step stairs feels a lot more comfortable.

Small wins over a long period of time as we bought it in June of 2014! Strangely enough I found this tag from it tonight while looking for something else!

Now to just figure out what to do with 25+ other spindles! If you’ve got any ideas be sure to leave us a comment.

Oh right. I always close the house blog post with an artistic photo. In honour of our dearly loved Breeze I’ve chosen to use this photo taken the day before she died. I captured her spirit here in the brilliant late afternoon fall light when she and the grass glowed. ❤



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