Starry Starry Night 

Starry starry night

Soak your muscles nice and easy

Look out on a winter’s night

With eyes that know the lightness in my soul

Shadows from the trees and watch the northern lights

Catch the breeze and feel the winter chills.

Starry starry night

Photo Credit to the very talented Dan Sigouin

This seems more like the start of my personal blog equipoiselife where I focus on writing enticing openings to draw the reader in. This house blog is much more matter of fact. But for some reason Don McLean’s Starry starry night stuck in my head during our first hot tub and I modified the words for this opening. 

Yes finally the hot tub I’ve longed for has been researched (that’s a long story), bought, paid for (ouch — can you say overtime shifts here I come), delivered, filled,  balanced and ready for enjoyment.

The prep work for the patio included the hot tub area. Then Ron quickly formed up, got the rebar in place and ordered concrete all in a couple of days. It worked out well because it was nice out and we didn’t pay the normal off season fee for it this year. It was a straight in pour which was nice as it was just Ron and a friend doing it during a Friday afternoon.

The hot tub shopping experience didn’t start out well. Who would have guessed that they are all closed on a Thursday night. Not us. To make time tighter we were either away or busy weekends almost all of September. Then to make it more complex we trialed a new decision making process that Ron has been researching for work. It required, of course, a spreadsheet. The end result was a hot tub that is going to last a really long time and be enjoyed for many hours.

Up next this year, she says with fingers crossed for good weather, the patio. The end is so near!!


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