Hold The Press

Hold the press, seriously. Prepare yourselves for what I’m about to write!

The two big retaining walls are DONE!! He did the last pour today. 

Yeah there is still lots of stuff to do on the patio and the waterfall but the big ticket item is done. It’s so exciting! There were days when I honestly didn’t think we would finish this year.  Added to that then when he stopped to do all the fill and the prep work for the patio I was like NO. But it’s all over. I think I can hang up my masonry gloves. Well at least for this year 😏.

Makes me as happy as the pretty fall colours that survived the crazy wind and rain storm.


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2 Responses to Hold The Press

  1. Janice says:

    So they are now dunn! You have taken a required retaining wall needed for it’s structural purposes, and created a beautiful work of art along the way! It is fabulous and we are so excited for you both! Congratulations!


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