One Away 

It’s all over in one pour but now the finish lines seems elusively far away. That because the stone mason, who likes to start and complete one project, has galavanted off to start the next big project. I’m like “we’re one pour away, can we finish it today?”. He’s like “no there is more pressing stuff to do.” Me in my head; what the frik is more pressing than finishing this bloody wall?

Apparently he felt there was good cause. There is concrete to get poured again this fall and so that’s a priority. The reason it’s a priority is that we have picked out and Peter has ordered our paving stones for the patio. Which means that after five years of pencilling us in for the fall he’s actually going to create us a patio!!

Which means we need to figure out what size of hot tub so we can pour that piece of concrete. And yes Ron knows you don’t need to put concrete under a hot tub but feels it’s a good idea.

So with three pours away we stopped working on the wall two Sundays ago and did prep work with the bobcat. Lots of backfill,  rock picking, scut work for me.

Then he did two pours during the week and has the front of the wall finished. It’s just one little side section over the top area of the waterfall that needs completion. Just one pour — can’t we get back to it? Doesn’t he want to cross this off the list I think out loud here on the blog.

Then I go away for the weekend and come home to the bobcat working away.  This time he was laying down the base for the concrete areas. Somehow I missed most of the skut work that day. Lucky me because that would have meant running the tamper which is bloody hard work. Never mind what the tall guy says about it doing the work.

But now that the foundation work is done for the pads he’s been busy forming up. The areas are so small but they still need rebar and the correct elevations etc.

Then there is the electrical prep work to do. The ends of the walls have lights ready plus the fire pit and pizza oven need lights so there is more questions to ask and answer there.

The conduit was laid and the line ran out and to through the wall with minimial issues for me. But that’s because I was at work while he was doing most of this.

The weather has been holding and so he hussled along in the evenings getting the forms up and all that prep work done. His goal was to get the concrete poured asap. That turned out to be today at 2:30. While I was at work so hey that was easy for me again. A friend came out to help a bit with the spots that needed to be brought in by wheel barrel.  No hoarding needed because the day time high was 25 and the low tonight is supposed to be 8 so again that’s a super positive element.

There was a little bit more design discussion this week in regards to the size of the landing and how the stairs will tie in along the wall. I just pretty much nod and accept his suggestions. Very occasionally he does the same for me. The outdoor kitchen now has a small little ending wall as that was my suggestion to help incorporate the landing post. Which is clear as mud to all of you but makes sense to us. You’ll see next year.

In the meantime we also did some shopping and bought a hot tub! I’ve wanted one, again, since the day we left the city house. We did a complex convuluted decision making process but “whatevs” because hey we bought a hot tub! It’s in stock so as soon as we are ready it will be ready. That will require a little more electrical work so I guess the stone mason had better change hats.

But wait – not too quickly as there is just ONE MORE POUR before the walls are finished! Then perhaps I can resign as a stone mason.


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3 Responses to One Away 

  1. Helen Johnson says:

    Wow, you make me tired just reading the blog, however, what a fantastic job you two have done/are doing! You have a home with so much built in love and hard work – a home to be proud of and which you share with friends and family so lovingly and willingly. Happy to be your cousin! Love Helen and Lorne


  2. Janice says:

    Isn’t it exciting to be running down the other side of that huge Saskatchewan dream mountain that you built so many years ago? Your enthusiasm is infectious! Our hats are off to you and the tall one who keeps you on point!


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