The Fourth Quarter 

It’s the start of the fourth quarter here and the excitement is building. The first three-quarters were like a decade long so to see the end point is very rewarding.

The major component left for the interior restoration (we will pretend that the window trim is a little job) is the stairwell to the basement. The big detail on the outside is the rock retaining wall. It’s been a challenge to work on both at the same time but we’ve slowly whittled away at both.

While he’s been finding and pre placing rocks along with the finishing work I’ve been out in the garage sanding, staining and varnishing. For part of the summer it sat ready waiting for the weather to cool down as Varathane and 25+ is not a good mix. I’m happy to report that the 4th coat went on the handrail today and it’s now ready to install. The math/carpenter did a fabulous job of custom building the railing from an old railing we bought. Now I’ve made it look like it “grew up here”. Check out the little custom spindles holder for varnishing!

The rock wall has become, as stated in the last post, a bit of a one man show but I have held up my end by picking, sorting, cleaning rocks and moving the rock pile to a more accessible location. I’ve also cleaned up the work site so there is more room for the wheel barrel and that ever important mortar. We’ve done quite a few mixes lately and the progress seems quite signficant, perhaps because we are now working on such a small surface area. The waterfall rock portion is done!!

This past weekend he needed to organize how to set the water pump in place and next weekend he will work with Spencer to create the housing. Ron is working on parts and we’ve sourced the liner for the bottom. We had Peter out for supper and did a signficant amount of planning for the patio, outdoor kitchen area and hot tub. We looked at books, samples and debated while Ron sketched it out. I wrote notes. We all drank beer. 

Now we have taken measurements, firmed up decisions on styles and colours and we are ready to give it to Peter so he can order the 3 different types of stones as seen in the photo below. We need to make sure they are delivered when we need them and apparently he has spent a bit of time this summer waiting for paving stones. We are hoping to be the last fall job he and his crew do so waiting will not be an option.

We also need to go shopping for a hot tub so that we know what size will be going into the space. Our plan is not to finish underneath it with the stone so we need to know exactly where it will be. So it is going to be an expensive fall but it is also extremely exciting that we are so close to the end of the fourth quarter after a mere 10 years!

As per usual I like to close the house blog with a photo that shows the other side of rural life and hard work. It is almost fall and the harvest season is upon us. I’d been wanting a blue skies golden wheat field photo for a while. The rest of North America was all over the eclipse – me I just wanted blue skies and sunshine.


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    Hi. Just FYI, I finally figured out how to arrange sidebar links. You’re now linked to my blog. Glen


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