Our Castle Walls 

A comment last evening that the stone wall looked like it belonged in a castle made me think about inspiration. Perhaps the mason was inspired by several trips to England and Europe and not just free building materials. Castle walls were built by hundreds of workers though.

England 2013 293Here it’s become a bit of a one man show. The front, both sides of the waterfall and now the back all show SO almost every rock is pre picked and placed. There is very little inside fill. Tedious but rewarding for the mason.

I wander along when the mixer finishes and help place the stones. Then I clean the wheelbarrow and go back to gardening. Repeat a couple of times a day, if things are going smoothly. Meanwhile he does a ton of finishing work and finds the next stones.

I was pretty excited when we backfilled because it means I can stand on the back side easily. I can also walk on the wall. Today I was totally pumped because the rebar is cut to the finishing height. Now I actually have no idea when he did this but I finally noticed. The amount remaining seems so minor compared to where we started at.

We have just the final big rock to place for the waterfall and then to put the old fashioned pump into place (with new workings hidden).

The “end” of the wall is just behind that and now we’ve started building it up. That section and about 4′ on the front of the wall are the only portions that go to the house height.

There is real hope and a fair degree of certainty that it will indeed be completed by the end of the summer. Which means we could indeed have the patio done before the snow flies. Maybe even a hot tub!

We’ve been “on the fall list” for Peter and Precision Landscaping for about four years. He may actually fall over in shock if we are actually ready. For that to happen we need to do some excavation for the next concrete pad which will be home to the outside kitchen bar area. This is relatively small compared to all our other pours but we will do it in conjunction with tying the first long low retaining wall into the stairs of the second wall. Lost yet? Don’t worry as I will blog all those steps and then it will make sense.

In the meantime this amount of momentum actually breeds excitement and more momentum. We are both geared up for the final push. Heck I’m even happy to see the mesh come out for the final little section of the wall even though working work it is such a pain. 


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2 Responses to Our Castle Walls 

  1. Deirdre says:


    Rocks…almost as good as bones…


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