One Behind Us 

At long long last one wall is behind us. It seems to all of us that we’ve been doing these crazy retaining walls forever. 

In less than a month of getting underway in the late spring we have the first one started completed. So that’s the west wall. I am finding the completed project hard to capture well, on camera, to show the true size and grandeur.

But there is no resting on our laurels as up next was the need to backfill it so it can settle out. It seems that the stairs and the adjoining to the very first retaining wall will come later but remember I am just the lackie and not the Mason nor the Visionary.



Backfill happens with the Bobcat as does a lot of compaction but only about 2 feet outward from the wall. All the base leveling and compaction along the wall is done with the rake and my two feet. I often think it’s a good thing I carry around a few extra pounds when I am playing human packing machine! It feels so awesome to have backfilled this area although it will require some fine tuning when it is time to put the stairs in. It is still no less steep but the wall is doing exactly what he designed it for so that’s a plus and it’s going to be sturdy long after we are gone.


We, although if I am honest, mostly him have also been hard at work on the second side. This was commenced last year but our technique was a little bit different as we finished from the short end up to where we quit last fall. With the first wall we finished the house height first and then went back to the beginning. So it turns out we are farther along on this second long wall than I had actually anticipated. Like seriously we are going to finish it this year!! That’s pretty exciting for us as it means we can then hire Precision Paving and Landscaping to come out and do the patio. We have been looking at the stone samples and talking about the different functional areas.

 In the meantime Ron is working on his waterfall feature and sourcing the supplies required for this. That’s his “baby” so to speak. Me I just keep throwing rocks down in behind and building that sucker up as fast as it can go. We’ve finished the hidden width of the wall and are now able to backfill for the second time on this wall. The scaffolding is crazy high as I discovered when setting big rocks with the Bobcat on the weekend. waterfall with key for scale

larger view of waterfallBernie 

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4 Responses to One Behind Us 

  1. Deirdre says:

    Wow wow wow.

    I think we need a picture with the stonemasons for scale! Even without taking the size into account, this is really impressive. A real stone wall!!!! I want one. Unfortunately it might not travel so well…


  2. Georgina says:

    Looks fantastic


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