Still winter? Still working away! 

The plus side to the snow was how pretty it was when the sun came out.

Prior to the weekend, when it snowed, we had one plus 10 day so I did manage to get all the baseboards stained although strangely enough have no photo of how awesome they look. I may have deleted it to make more space for Baby A pictures.

So we chose to stay inside during the windy cold wet spell and do other projects. Seems ironic that we needed the basement space to finish the basement space. I guess if I’d been thinking I would have dragged all the boards inside and we could have held off putting down the flooring. But, alas, that’s not the way we rolled it out. While we were inside waiting we did manage to do a couple more items on the big list.

I did restrain the stair hangers. The colour looks far superior to the first addition. But now, of course, need to sand out a few stain overruns and touch up with paint a few spots. Man carpet would have been so much easier but that wouldn’t suit the house.

While I did the stairs Ron started and completed the installation of the picture rail. The pictures have all been reframed (as necessary) and hung up from their splendid hooks.

The theme of this room is that these are almost all one of a kind hand crafted art. There is a moose hair tufting (that I finally found!), lots of needlework, some oil paintings and a couple that don’t fit your average description (see the picture below).

It really is quite ironic that we wanted to finish the basement in the winter but that we are being held up by winter weather delays like snow.

The weather is supposed to be warmer but include rain on  the weekend which will make it too cool and humid to varnish. Then it’s slated to turn into warmer days by mid week. Which would be wonderful and awesome except I won’t be home.

I kind of feel like the writing is on the wall that we will have some bits and pieces to finish up come fall despite our best intentions and diligent efforts.


So this post has been written for 3 days — I was waiting to get a picture of the stained boards and never did so what the heck I’m going to hit publish.

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