Spring Push

The geese and the owls are serenading us at night. The crocuses have popped up their pretty heads to delight our eyes during daylight walks. All of this signals that spring is here and it’s time to push hard.

Our goal was to complete the basement this winter and if spring is here there isn’t much time before we go outside. Which means we need to get some more finishes under our belt. Or like all of them!

The tile by the back door had to wait for the grout to arrive. That seemed to take forever but finally that task was completed and sealed up (he also sealed the tile on the fireplace). With that done Ron laid out on paper and then in reality the seasoned cork tiles for the remainder of the floor. First off we had to empty the room which was a task. There were some challenges in this task but the overall result is quite pleasing. Once the cork was down it really changed the look from a basement to a finished space.

Once the floor was complete that meant the trim pieces could go up around the door frames. This completed the transformation of this space.  No more drywall edges or poly showing. This is a combined labour of love; I spent the winter restoring the wood and he perfectly crafted it for each spot.

Which means that there are two more main items are up on the agenda. We need to install baseboards and a handrail in the stairs once they are complete. The extras, like the cabinets, pool table and furniture come later.

I’m working on completing the baseboards. I had too sand outside so I’ve had a few days that were too cold but I’ve kept forward momentum and persistence is a good trait so they are all now sanded, cleaned, stained. Need warm enough weather for the varnish as we’ve worked ourselves out of a space in the basement. The second item up is to finish the stairs and put the hand rail up. We had to take the stain back in to get the colour tweaked and so now need to apply a second coat of stain to the stair treads and then do the runners with the lighter colour. While I’m working on that Ron is going to be custom creating the bannister and the newel post. These are items we bought at our favourite antique store about 4 years ago. This is very well seasoned wood as they were salvaged from a church in Ontario. Apparently the nails have square shanks which mean they are pre 1890. Now we need to source handrail brackets. A task we probably should have worked on a couple of weeks ago so we’d have had them when we needed them.  Meanwhile the whole unit will take a bit of modification for it to work plus it all needs to be refinished (oh how I love sanding, staining and varnishing let me count the ways) so it will probably all work out in time. But once that’s all complete it’s like DONE! Notice I didn’t wait to do the final reveal post? I just decided that I wanted to record where we were at this point. I really do believe we will get there before we turn to outside tasks like gardens, stone walls, stairs and balconies. I honestly hope we will but in the meantime it feels good so thought I would share.

The visual eye candy for this post could be some of the stellar crocus and house photos that we got yesterday but instead I think it will be the sunset that I enjoyed as I was sanding down two more trim pieces to go into the “stain” pile.



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2 Responses to Spring Push

  1. Brenda Bacon says:

    Again – impressed with all of the work that you two do. I laughed when you wrote “I love sanding, staining and varnishing”. So NOT my favourite jobs!


    • bernielynne says:

      All inspired by your family home and the Hartley’s. I loved your old houses so much — it’s what started my journey towards this house.
      Guess sarcasm is hard to read! While sanding and staining are tasks I like I really dislike the final stage with the varnish. But I plod along till it’s done because that’s the way I roll — finish the job.
      Thanks for dropping in to read and for leaving a comment. It’s rare for comments on this blog site. But better yet you should stop in for a visit.


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