Dream Big 

One of the up side to confined space vehicle travel is surf time. This pastime keeps me from being too antsy about sitting still and allows me to dream.

Today, on our way home from our annual ski trip (which was awesome by the way), I spent my surfing time looking at veranda design. I recognize that the retaining walls must be finished first but I want to have motivation for that.

The patio and the hot tub are part one of the motivation factor. I miss having a hot tub and am willing to work longer to have one as soon as Peter and crew finish the patio. There are less design decisions there so that part is easy.

But seems I know my man it’s good to give him thinking time about part two of summer type projects. Now realistically I am doubting its this summer but hey the title is called Dream Big! So today I did some research on styles and we discussed some ideas and practical implications.

There are four main styles of verandas and we obviously don’t fit the Greek Revival or Queen Anne style. While we do technically fit the Farm House style we are drawn to a couple of Arts and Crafts features. Plus we want to maximize light into the house and the view out while keeping to our base character.

Two story veranda — not common. Queen Anne style
Simple farm house
Farmhouse with additional details
Cute little Queen Anne style or maybe elegant farmhouse
Pretty Queen Anne
Farmhouse with medal railing (an option we’ve talked about)
Farmhouse meets Arts & Crafts ❤
The railing — low built in planters. Hm
The dry stack stone brings up simple farmhouse style
Full out Queen Anne – not our style but gorgeous
Simple classic Farmhouse with stone details 💛[
a href=”https://1918eatonseager.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/img_4322.jpg”> Local house with stone details, very substantial[
a href=”https://1918eatonseager.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/img_4325.jpg”> ArtLocal house Arts & Crafts becomes very massive[
a href=”https://1918eatonseager.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/img_5360.jpg”> Big wow local house. The veranda is massive and rather imposing[

This is what our house originally had. A very substantial wooden porch with large posts and house siding as the railings. That would be awesome for wind protection but quite heavy appearing and it would steal a lot of light from inside. Note the stairs are wood and there is lattice under the decking.

blog verandah 1958

Circa Mid 60’s. Herbie’s mom & unknown lady. Plus a tame deer that Doris probably trained

So now that’s what it had but what we found in 06 was radically different. Sadly neglected as the entire house was. The veranda definitely had to be removed before we picked the house up.  We salvaged what materials we could but we tossed off the 3 wringer washers.

davidson 018

Our first viewing of the house.


There it goes. Quite easy to demolish although a torch would have also worked! 😉

Our thoughts are a stone base, relatively simple pillars and perhaps a combination of a wood and a metal railing. We are totally undecided about the stairs at this moment. Stone ones would never need to be repainted but are a lot more work. Of course we aren’t strangers to hard work or we wouldn’t have started this whole kit and kaboddle.

So I’m dreaming big about sitting on the veranda gently rocking on the swing. Oh, better add a nice cold beer or some cold raspberry vinegar if I’m dreaming. Now to just gear up this summer and make it a reality.


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